2 Week Warning – It’s Almost Chriiiiiiisssssttttmmmmaaaaaaasssssss!!!

2 Week Warning – It’s Almost Chriiiiiiisssssttttmmmmaaaaaaasssssss!!!

It’s exactly 2 weeks until Christmas day – where the hell has this year gone? I have been super busy this last month or 3 and so with only 2 shopping weekends left to go I have managed to acquire the grand total of 2 presents for people. Is anyone else feeling as unorganised as I am? Granted I don’t have to worry about creating a wonderful christmas day feast + all the extra nibbly bits but still up until a few days ago I wasn’t yet feeling very christmasy. However a slightly free evening gave my brother and I the chance to watch one of my favourite christmas films, Love Actually and it kick started my christmas spirit. Next thing I knew my ipod had acquired a christmas playlist and was playing pretty loud through my headphones – I’m sure the other people on the bus wouldn’t mind overhearing a few festive songs right?

The tinsel is now out making our flat feel that little bit more festive, but as we are not here for christmas we felt it a little pointless to go all out decorating. Afterall we are both students and the money could be better spent on people presents/christmas party drinks etc.

Getting a tiny bit festive

So with a festive feeling flat kind of sorted, our attentions have turned to christmas shopping. As next weekend is ‘head back home’ weekend and with a lack of a Trafford Centre in Nottingham for proper late night shopping (10pm as oppose to Nottingham’s measly 8pm) it falls to this weekend to brave the swarms of other people who have yet to gather said christmas presents. For those of you in a similar situation I am going to let you in on my little christmas shopping secret for making it easier.

First make a list! I spend my life planning experiments so making a quick list of who I need and want to buy presents for is quite a quick and painless experience. I also like to have a rough idea about how much I want to spend on each person and if it is a present from just me or a joint one.

Our christmas Shopping List

Next having a good idea of what you are getting each person on the list is helpful even if it is just a general note such as foody stuff or bathy stuff etc. If I have chance a quick nosy online can be a life-saver especially with a lot of stores offering click and collect services now. However you can’t beat actually shopping to help with inspiration for those people you are not quite sure what to get. And when it is time to head out to the shops, pick your time – I prefer to get up and go first thing therefore avoiding most of the crowds and allowing you first dibs on any relatively scarce stock!

I know it all seems fairly obvious but in the chaos that is often christmas shopping , sometimes a more tactical approach can help.

Finally my most important tip is to make sure you take some time out for yourself and maybe even buy yourself a little treat as a reward for all you hard shopping! After all shopping for christmas with all the lights and christmas markets make it one of life’s mini-adventures and adventures should be something you enjoy.

Good luck and Happy shopping!

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