2018, Next Chapter Please!

2018, Next Chapter Please!

Happy New Year!


Yes I’m still alive and I’m back from my sort of unplanned winter virtual hibernation – because sometimes there are more important things than the internet. Sorry, I know that may have come as a shock to some of you.

However, after a bit of a rollercoaster of a few months and a well-deserved break over the holidays I finally feel like I want to write again. So I thought I would jump on the January band-waggon and kick off this year by taking a moment to just take in all the adventures of 2017.

For those of you who have already read 1345847368088 other posts of a similar nature I will quickly sum up my year.

  • I closed a huge chapter of my life and got to feel like I was in Harry Potter while doing it
  • I got a job
  • I re-connected and grew old (and some newer) friendships that had been neglected
  • I made a decision (I know hard to believe) about the next chapter in my story

For me 2017 was a transition year.

A year to tie off loose ends and build on beginnings.

First off though…

Guys I finally finished my PhD!

4 years later and a whole heap of blood (quite literally as I was studying blood vessels), sweat and tears and I finally get to call myself Doctor (don’t worry though I’m not going to be all Ross from friends about it) and dress up in Gryffindor coloured robes with a funny hat.

my PhD graduation ceremony, University of Nottingham
Here I am walking across the stage in full Harry Potter regalia – wait I mean PhD robes

It was more of a relief than anything else to finally close that chapter. An achievement that I’m super proud of but also glad is over.

With the closing of that chapter another began and so brought the onslaught of job hunting.

That was fun *cough*cough* (you can catch up on that little adventure here, here, here, here and here)

I did finally land one though, albeit a temporary one. It’s been a little adventure in itself, getting to know everyone, learning the ropes and learning an absolute TON of stuff about excel. I mean there’s still by no means an expert but I can put fancy, long formulas together and they work.

My friends have also played major roles this year. Following the events of 2016 I realised that I had friendships that had been neglected for various reasons. That cannot be said now.

Thank you whatsapp!

There’s nothing like a whataspp group to help you feel like you see your friends even when life means you’re so busy that you can’t. Am I right?

From organising meeting up to those word-vomit rants you just need to have without fear of judgement – I certainly feel closer to my “squad”.

My Squad, my besties at my harry potter themed New Year's Eve Party
This is my “squad”. We had a Harry Potter themed NYE party because why the hell not and from left to right you have Dobby, Fawkes the phoenix, Bellatrix and Hedwig

That’s enough looking back I think.

There is a whole lot more I could reflect on but I’m trying to get out of the habit of living in the past and, well 2018 has me far too excited.

I’m currently planning a huge adventure but that’s all I’m letting you know for now.

However, I aim to be more consistent blogging. I want to share the whole of this huge adventure with you guys including all the planning, decisions and stuff that inevitably will go wrong. Not forgeting all the little, everyday adventures that happen too because you don’t need to get on a plane to have an adventure.

Last year was pretty good, but I just have this feeling that this year is going to eclipse it and possibly the previous few years too.


Wishing you all an awesome, adventure-packed 2018!



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