25 and Counting

25 and Counting


Hello to anyone who may wish to read my blog, and thank you!

So, as you may tell from my sparsely populated blog I am new to this so please be kind. I recently turned 25 and so partly as a way to show myself that I do have some kind of direction going on and not just wandering round aimlessly I decided to bite the bullet and write about the ins and outs of a mid-twenty year old (I can’t claim that it’s going to be as good as any friend episode i’m afraid!). And if nothing else I will have venture outside in order to make this vaguely interesting.

Right, so I guess I should introduce myself really. My name is Rachel and I currently reside in Nottingham (UK) while I undertake a PhD (but the less said about that right now the better). In a slightly friends-like situation I am actually living with my brother as he is also in Nottingham to do his teacher training and luckily for me he cooks me dinner! so yay me! (I do however have to wash up)

Ok, for now I think that’s it but I will be back soon to share my little adventures with you becuase as we all know

Adventure is Out There!

adventure is out there

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