5 Alternative Gifts for Mother’s Day

5 Alternative Gifts for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s day in the UK just around the corner (Sunday 11th March in case you were wondering – click here for other countries) the frantic rush of children up and down the country trying to decide how they are going to thank their mums (or equivalent) for putting up with them has officially begun.

What if this year you didn’t opt for the traditional card and flowers/chocolate/ favourite perfume etc option?

What if this year you put your noggin to good use and did something different for the woman who gave life to you.

What if this year you did something totally unexpected and showed your mum just how much you love her and appreciate her and that she isn’t just a cooking and cleaning machine (thanks, mum you’re awesome!)

I know, I know, you have a super busy life and how are you suppose to find the time to come up with a super awesome idea worthy of your mum right?

Well, guess what? I’ve already gone and done all the thinking for you. So grab a pen and paper (or just open up your notes app) and let me shower you with 5 awesome, completely different Mother’s day ideas.

Cook her Sunday Dinner

Put a little effort in and instead of taking her down the local carvery take matters into your own hands and invite her round for a Sunday dinner you cooked yourself (or in conjunction with your siblings).

Think about all those meals down the years that she’s made you. I’m sure you can manage just one and take it from me she will appreciate the effort – as I write this my mum actually has a rice pudding in the oven mmmm.

Don’t cook (like me) or your cooking skills are of Bridget Jones’ standards? Then all the more reason as it will be appreciated even more so.

Have a Laugh

If your mum is anything like mine and loves watching all the comedy panel shows on TV then perhaps treating her to a night out down your local comedy club is the perfect gift?

A few drinks, maybe some food and lots of laughter, what more could you want?

Better yet get yourself on google and check out to see if any of her favourite comedians are playing on or around Mother’s day and book tickets to go see them.

With this totally different kind of gift, you’re sure to earn yourself some extra brownie points!

My mum and I at our Harry Potter themed New Year's Eve party
My mum and I at our Harry Potter themed New Year’s Eve party

Get Adventurous

Perhaps your mum is an outdoorsy type?

Great! There are loads of options for you to pull off an unusual Mother’s day treat.

From going out for a walk/hike someplace new followed by a pub lunch/dinner to replenish yourselves, to getting up high in the treetops Go Ape (or equivalent) style the outdoors is full of possibilities.

Other ideas to get the adrenaline pumping include quad biking, kayaking, paddleboarding, horse riding and rock climbing (which can actually be done indoors).

Word of caution though, you may want to run your adventurous plans past your mum first – especially if its something she has never done before. You want her to have fun after all. I hope.

Learn Together

Maybe you and your mum share a love of something like baking, or music, or dance or something completely different.

Take that shared love to another level and enrol both of you on a course together.

It could just be a one-off day thing or a longer weekly class it’s up to you.

However, that extra bit of quality time spent together is sure to be greatly appreciated, especially if you have recently flown the nest.

Even if you both turn out to be completely useless at whatever your chosen course entails you will at least leave with some fun memories and maybe even a good story!

My mum and I at my PhD ggraduation


Still not found the perfect alternative Mother’s day gift yet?

OK well, don’t lose faith just yet.

How about you take a day trip to your local zoo?

I know right!

Now this one is perfect for all ages and families because the zoo is not just for kids guys!

It is also the option that my brother and I are taking with our mum this year. Yeah, we may be a grown-up family but who can resist a trip to Chester Zoo?

One of Chester Zoo’s Sloths in full climbing mode

Everyone has their favourite animals (I love to see the sloths and to walk through the bat cave- yes that’s a thing) so just make sure you visit your mum’s favourite enclosure and you could even take your own little picnic too!

Hopefully, I’ve helped get the ideas going and if you’ve used any of these ideas let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear all about your adventures with your mums!

Whatever you choose to do to show your mum how much she means this Mother’s day just DO NOT forget! Sunday 11th March is coming up quick so you best get in contact with those siblings of yours and get on it soon.

Until next time

Keep Adventuring!

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2 thoughts on “5 Alternative Gifts for Mother’s Day

  1. All great suggestions Rachel! Mother’s Day isn’t until May in Canada so thankfully I still have some time to get an idea together for the kids I nanny to do. Mother’s Day is always so easy though – it’s Father’s Day that is the hardest for ideas! For me at least!

    1. Thanks and I know mother’s day seems to be scattered throughout the year with each country having a different day. The Uk’s actually changes according to when Easter falls. it falls on the 4 Sunday in Lent and stems from when domestic servants (mainly women) were given a day off to go visit their mother and family.

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