A solitary PhD

A solitary PhD

solitude; noun.
the state or situation of being alone or a lonely or uninhabited place.
As a PhD student solitude is a situation you can often find yourself in and while this can often be a great way to develop your thoughts or get some work done, it is can also be quite an unwanted place to find yourself in. If you are not careful you can even find yourself stuck there and this is when it becomes an issue as mental health issues start to creep in. Unfortunately this is still seen as a ‘normal’ part of the whole process and of academia in general.
So this morning, while it was still pretty quiet, I thought I would try and capture that feeling in and around the lab. Thankfully some of my colleagues that were around were more than willing to help.
hard at work before everyone else arrives
getting data at all hours of the day

In my experience solitude is best in small doses.

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