A winter’s day walk around Batman’s backgarden

A winter’s day walk around Batman’s backgarden

Today was one of those perfect winter’s days. You know, where the weather is fine, there is that light blue sky with the hint of a few wispy clouds floating around and the air has that crisp coldness about it. The kind that’s not too cold but cold enough to wake you up and ‘blow the cobwebs away’. Well today was like that. Having nothing much else planned for today I decided it was about time that I showed our Paul (my brother) Batman’s house and his surrounding garden. OK, so in real life it isn’t actually Batman’s house, it is in fact Wollaton Hall and Deer Park in Nottingham, but it was used at the set for Wayne Manor in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight – so I guess I was right in a way! On a side note down the road from the Park is a little village called Gotham (the locals pronounce is goat-ham, weird I know) so, yeah the plot thickens.

Batman’s House aka Woolaton Hall

Anyways so we decided to have a wander round the grounds and see if we could spot some of the freely roaming deer and guess what? We did, and got pretty close to them as well. They were just kind of chilling out on the grass, almost posing for photos which was very nice of them.DSCF1160-1.jpg

Despite, the amount of rain that has fallen over the last month or so the ground wasn’t overly muddy (except for the overflow car park where we had to park due to a cross-country race going on in the park) It also helps that there are lots of paths too!

A walk round the resident ‘lake’ showed that in fact it was and had been that cold that it had frozen over – cue bird just standing on top of the ice looking slightly confused. Not sure it was thick enough to support me though. All in all it was a very pleasant afternoon’s walk and a great excuse to have a play with my camera – Paul even made a decent, albeit reluctant model too! So I will leave you with a few more of my favourite photos from today and hopefully they won’t make you feel too cold!


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