An illuminating Evening

An illuminating Evening

It’s that time of year again, everyone’s either back or going back to school/college/uni and it’s dark by 8pm. Which means one thing – Blackpool illuminations. For those of you from outside of the UK, Blackpool is a seaside town in the northwest of the England. It’s famous for it’s seafront which includes the iconic Blackpool tower (pictured below) which sits opposite central pier. The tower itself is also home to the world famous Tower ballroom (you may have seen it on Strictly Come Dancing) and it’s circus. However, each Autumn Blackpool lights up it’s promenade with more than 400,000 lamps of varying styles and size, including some of it’s famous trams!

In more recent years Blackpool has taken to hosting the World Fireworks Championships. Yes that’s right there is a world championships for fireworks displays. This year it is taking place each friday evening from 9th-30th September and see Australia, Slovakia and the USA competing for the title that Canada won last year.

Having not ventured to Blackpool for far too long and as the weather was fine (albeit a tad windy) we (and by we I mean my Mum, Dad, brother and I) set off for an illuminating evening, only to find that every man and his dog had thought the same thing. There was so much traffic which the sea front was rammed. It hasn’t been this busy for a long time. So way to go Blackpool!

Well eventually we got there (unfortunately we missed what would have been an amazing sunset), wrapped up against the wind and grabbed some fish and chips from a chippy for tea. Because what else you do you have for dinner on a friday night at the seaside? Mmm chippy tea on the sea front with that fresh sea air = win.

After a short stroll down the promenade we found a decent spot to watch the display from and hear the music. As it’s not just fireworks, it’s fireworks accompanied by music, making the whole thing a whole lot more dramatic.

This friday just gone was Slovakia’s turn to wow the crowds with their spectacular display and imperialistic music making a 10min display seem ┬álike only a couple of minutes. And the smoke, as anyone who has ever gone to a fireworks display will know, there was just smoke everywhere, but thanks to the brisk wind it cleared quickly and didn’t spoil the display.

And in case the thought of travelling all that way for just 10mins and stroll along the promenade to see the illuminations (you can do this in the car but be warned you WILL be crawling in traffic) doesn’t quite take your fancy, after the fireworks there are also a few illuminations shows that are projected onto the the Tower building, one of which involves Tim Peake, the astronaut. And don’t forget the pleasure beach, Blackpool’s theme park ┬áhome to the Big One (pepsi max), the Big Dipper and the world famous Grand national roller coasters. The later of which has been running since 1935 and is one of the few wooden roller coasters still going. You could always head here earlier in the day.

This coming friday it is the turn of the USA to grace Blackpool’s promenade and the following Friday the winner will be announced along with a showcase display by the UK. However the the illuminations are what our after they are on every night until November 6th 2016.

So plan your trip and have your own illuminating seaside evening and then make sure to tell me all about it!

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    1. wow 150! yes I reckon they will be pretty spectacular.
      Thanks, my night photography skills are in their infancy but these seemed to turn out not too bad. And yes they have done a lot of work in the last 10 years or so to get rid of the tacky seaside image that they had and to make it safe but its still kept its identity

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