An Inspiration: Lost but not Forgotten

An Inspiration: Lost but not Forgotten

Inspiration comes in many forms. From stories both true and made up, to the beauty of the natural world and its inhabitants, it so often means something different to each of us. Yet we all happen upon it every once in a while.

Somedays I find inspiration to write in every corner of the day whereas other times it seems to evade my grasp.

Then there’s those people.

You know the ones that make you want to be a better person, to go out and do those things that you’ve been toying around with in your head, to see the world in all its awesome glory.

Sometimes they are celebrities, sport stars or influencers on the world stage such as Mandela, Gandhi and Malala held up to us as role models.

Sometimes they are those in positions of authority such as teachers, sports coaches, leaders of clubs and societies.

And sometimes, those people reside a little closer to home calling themselves friends and family.

Without being too presumptuous, at some point throughout our lives I believe that we all take some kind of inspiration from all of these different types of people. Some may be fleeting moments of inspiration but others stay with us.

What (or even who) inspires you? Is it the view from atop your favourite hill? That film you recently watched based on a true story? Or how about your favourite sportstar? I’d love to hear about whoever or whatever inspires you and why.

Recently I lost one of my inspirations (a contributing factor to my recent AWOL stint).

The head of my family, my Grandma.

My Grandma enjoying a family meal out

While short in stature, she was anything but in energy. A fiercely independent lady she was the glue of our relatively large family and undoubtedly the reason as to why her 5 grandchildren are still so close.

As kids we spent almost every saturday afternoon at her house, the five of us and her having adventures. From french cricket, sticking her in goal while we played football to building dens in the dining room using whatever furnishings we could commandeer.

My cousin, brother and I back in the day

Without question she helped infuse, in part, the desire for adventure in my life.

They say that you are the product of the closest people to you and in more recent years I have became aware of just how much of an influence she has had. While our common dislike for onions may more likely to be attributed to our shared genes, her staunch independence, determination to travel and live life to the full and love of family have all rubbed off on me.

My Grandma and I on her 85th Birthday

It’s funny how much those closest to you can shape you and that its only once you take a moment and really think that you realise it. How much of an effect have those that inspire you had on you?

My Grandma’s ability to take whatever life threw at her and to turn it into something great is an achievement that I would love to be able to look back on when I’m old and wrinkly and say I matched it.

She may no longer be with us physically but her stories, memories and her influence all live on and effect the choices that I make everyday.

After all life is for living and is too short to sweat the small stuff.


Until next time

Keep Adventuring!


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