There are many ways to interpret this theme: from a gadget to a handshake, from a bridge to a gathering among friends. What’s yours?


This weekend I treked up to Glasgow to watch my brother play in the British Universities American Football Division 1a Noth Final Between his team, the Nottingham Trent University (NTU) Renegades and the Glasgow University Tigers. This game decided which team would gain promotion the the Premiership for next season so there was everything to play for. It was a tough game with neither team giving the other much wiggle room but NTU found themselves 9-0 down with around 5mins to go and with their offense making mistake after mistake. Somehow – I’m still not sure how – they manage a few magic plays (coupled with a couple of key mistakes by Glasgow) to claw it back and then to take the lead 13-9 and eventually take the game!

It is times like these -both in victory and defeat – where the connections forged in the hard times, in training, in the defeats and in all those hard fought battles are laid out for all to see. I was lucky enough to capture some of those moments immediately after the game.

NTU @ Glasgow Division 1a North Final 2016-76
Celebratory hugs
NTU @ Glasgow Division 1a North Final 2016-97
“can’t believe we won!!!!”


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