Day trip to Wembley

Day trip to Wembley

This Sunday saw the return of the NFL international series to Wembley Stadium, London and the return of Jacksonville Jaguars (you have to say it jag-wires or it doesn’t sound American enough) who were hosting the Indianapolis Colts. And as such we (my Brother, Mum and Dad) were all super excited for another installment of live NFL.

However, of the 3 games London is hosting this year (2 at Wembley and 1 at Twickenham) this was the only one that we were doing as a day trip. Yay for Manchester-London and back in a day. For those not up to scratch on their UK geography it’s about a 200mile journey depending on the route you take. With a 2.30pm kick off and the want to partake in at least some of the tailgate activities (even if it was just food) it meant an early start and  a long ass day!

But luckily I snapchatted the whole day just for you guys and I have somehow managed to get those snaps on to here as I realised that you won’t have been able to see them – maybe I will instagram the next one?

Wanting to get a reasonably quick get away after the game (pending the time it takes to queue to get to the tube) we parked up at Stanmore and took the tube 4 stops to Wembley and then BOOM there is the famous Wembley Arch and you only have Wembley way to walk down to get there. And by now it was teaming with NFL Fans all with that same pre-match buzz mixed in with the smell of the many street food vendors.

By the time we got there the queues at the Merchandise stalls for both Gameday and general (stuff from each of the 32 teams) were too big to bother, however we managed to find us some ridiculously tasty food from the pop-up food tent by Wingmans. Obviously, their main appeal was the chicken wings but their special of the day the Buffalo Chicken Burger hit the spot just right.

Now we all know that one of the main draws to NFL outside of the game itself are the cheerleaders and just like every year that the Jaguars (jag-wires)  have visited the Roar of the Jaguars (jag-wires), their cheerleaders were once again in attendance. However, in addition this year were the D-line. Now I’m not talking about the defensive line players (the guys of the defensive team who form the line immediately opposite where the ball is snapped),the D-line in this case is the Jaguars (jag-wires) drumline band and OMG they are pretty awesome – although they are not quite on the same scale as The top Secret drummers.

Here they are setting off to do some pre-game drumming



Oh and we can’t forget the Jackson De Ville the jaguars (jag-wires) mascot who loves to throw himself off the roof of Wembley!


After probably the best rendition of the both the American and British national anthem (with no protests I might add) which followed a very quick 2 songs performed by Robin Thicke – there were some boos but not as many as little mix got! it was time for the game!

With the Colts defense giving up penalty after penalty the Jags took a comfortable lead into half-time. However whatever the coaches said during the break must have worked because the Colts came back and made a tense yet exciting final quarter. With just 3 points in the game with the 2 minute warning everything was to play for. Amazingly the Jags managed to keep the lead and kneeled out the final 20 seconds to take their first win of the season and the 2nd in London!



It was then time for the long journey home which was thankfully punctuated with a quick stop at the services for a maccies tea – what else!



until next time…




4 thoughts on “Day trip to Wembley

  1. Wow! It sounds like you and your family had a great time! I love how you typed jag-wires through the whole thing! lol I had to spend a good minute trying to think of how to say “jaguar” in a British accent lol.

    I’ve never seen an actual football game, but it sounds like fun!

    1. Thanks it was, its so much more than just the game as there is stuff going all day and there was even an event the day before as well for this game. And In case you didnt figure it oit we say it like jag-u-ar

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