Farm Tours: A New Lamb

Farm Tours: A New Lamb

When you find yourself away with family for the weekend in the countryside, specifically the Yorkshire Dales, and your family includes 3 children 10 years and under there is one activity that seems a surefire hit – a visit to a farm!

So on the Sunday of our weekend visit to Sedbergh (you can read more about the place and the weekend in my last post here) we piled into our various cars, fired up the sat navs and headed off to find Holme Farm. For reasons unbeknown to me rather than convoy our way there the favoured approach was to leave in dribs and drabs. My Dad’s car was the last to leave, at least 10 minutes after the previous car had left. Eventually we found the farm after traversing a very narrow farm lane and passing through 2 gates (yes I had to get out of the car to open and close them) only to discover that we were the 2nd of the 4 cars to arrive. Turns out there was alternative way with a slightly wider road with next to no passing points – at least now we had an exit strategy. A little while late my cousin’s car arrives but there is still no sign of the final car, the 4×4 with the so-called professional diver at the wheel. Yep, that’s right they went the wrong way completely!

Sedbergh April 2017-181
The Farm House
Sedbergh April 2017-187
Holme Farm

So once we had all made it to farm, we were treated to a lovely personalised tour which included the feeding of 2 week-old lambs,a couple of calves and we even got to meet some day old baby chicks! They were so cute and fluffy!

The farmer (I am so sorry I cannot for the life of me remember your name) answered every question thrown at him even the weird and wonderful ones only a 10 year old can come up with. I’m not going to lie, I only agreed to visit the farm as its always fun to watch kids get excited as they get up close with animals. Turns out I can still get that kind of excited – although maybe it was just the ute and fluffiness of the baby animals? That’s OK right?

After feeding the various animals, we were then shown into a barn. No this is not going to turn into some kind of scary movie story, the barn had in fact been converted to have a soft play area, a pedal tractor race track and some picnic tables. Leaving the kids to run off some steam we refilled on on hot beverages and homemade flapjacks from the farm cafe ( i really recommend the flapjacks, delicious and a generous portion for just £1)

It was only on the way that we spotted the farm was up for sale by auction. Now I’m not sure of the exact ins and outs but I would hate for this lovely little farm to disappear. The whole family are very friendly and welcoming and despite the very noisy cockerels strutting about the place I loved their little farm tour and I know you guys would too so check them out if you are ever in the vicinity (you can find their website here).

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