Geeky Thursdays – In Space No-One can Hear you Scream

Geeky Thursdays – In Space No-One can Hear you Scream


Ground control to Major Tom Peake…

So Stargazing Live is back this week and in case you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months you should remember that just before christmas we watched as Tim Peake blasted off to the international space station (ISS).

Now, a little over a month later it is almost time for Tim to undertake his first space walk (or extra vehicle  activity, EVA) and become the first Brit ever to do so on Friday! Exciting Stuff eh? Here is Tim getting his spacesuit checked out ready for Friday.

So what will he be doing?

Talking to Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain on Stargazing Live on Tues he said: “Our primary task will be to replace a failed Solar Shunt Unit, which transfers electrical power generated by the solar panels. If the spacewalk is successful, this will restore the International Space Station to 100 per cent of its operational capability.”

Hopefully everything will go to plan and he won’t end up floating off into deep space in some kind of nightmare scenario to be lost forever – pretty sure that’s why I wouldn’t be allowed to be an astronaut, far too clumsy.

Luckily for you we should be able to catch some of what happens on Friday night’s Stargazing Live amongst many other fascinating space facts, theories and research. (if you want to catch up just head over to BBC iplayer). Sparked your interest and want to get involved? The Stargazing Live website has lots of info on events happening up and down the country. If standing out in the cold all night to spot a couple of stars isn’t quite what your after, you could help further the knowledge of space by finding a new pulsar! Don’t know what that is well head here to find out all you need to know.

So tune in to Stargazing Live tomorrow night at 9pm on BBC2 to see how TIm Peake gets on!

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