Geeky Thursdays – Surfing those Gravitational Waves

Geeky Thursdays – Surfing those Gravitational Waves

So about a week ago the world of science announced that they had proved the existence of gravitational waves. The rest of the non-science/physics world went what the hell are gravitational waves? Cue the many media outlets and multitude of tv programmes trying to explain to the ‘average joe’ in a way that they would understand. I have seen many attempts at this made all the worse by when the presenters themselves don’t really know what is going on. What’s more there seems to have been a very noticeable absence of everyone’s favourite tv physicist, Brian Cox who would no doubt have come to ‘average joe’s’ aid.

So I thought I would try to explain this whole theory that was first proposed by Einstein in 1916. However, in my search to understand what was going on myself I realised that someone else could probably explain it a lot better than me. That someone just happens to be the guys at PhD Comics. They very handedly created a very nice, easy to follow comic that you can find here. They also created a video which I though really helped so I have added it below.



I know you may be fed up with all the talk about this but I hope this helps any of you that may be just a tad interested understand what the hell those scientist people are going on about.


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