Geeky Thursdays -The Force has awoken, finally!

Geeky Thursdays -The Force has awoken, finally!

Welcome my young padawans, this is the blog post you are looking for. Yep, you guessed it, this weeks post is going to be dedicated to all things Star Wars! It’s fair to say I’m just a tad excited for the next installment and as today is the day it’s unleashed in cinemas up and down the country I thought that it was only right to let my inner Star Wars geek out. While I have to wait until tomorrow to see the film and so there will be no spoilers in this post, I hope that all those lucky enough to have seen the force awakens already loved it (but please don’t post any spoilers in the comments!).

I as originally going to share with you a few lesser known facts about the first 6 films which you could then take with you and amaze your friends with you knowledge. I then realised that while I love the films some I am in no way the holder of all Star Wars related knowledge. Cue a quick google search to find me some interesting little tidbits. Instead I found that several people had already beat me and done a far better job than I would have. My favourite was on our old friend, Buzzfeed ad can be found here.

Instead, here are my favourite 6 moments from the saga so far…

6. Han gets Frozen

I love this scene in episode V for a few reasons. Firstly up until this point the Empire always seem somewhat beatable and our trio of heroes unbeatable.    We are lead to beleive that somehow they will all escape unharmed. Then BOOM Han is frozen in carbonite. OK so he survived the freezing process, but that could be the last we see of him right? Things just got interesting. I also love that just before he is frozen and may or may not die Princess Leia chose to confess her love to Han. Now this scene could just go and get incredibly soppy and romantic but no, in true Han Solo style he plays it cool with a simple ‘I know’.


5. Duel of the Fates

OK, so this one is more of a shout out the music. All the, films are scored with amazing music created by John Williams, some of which I have even downloaded. One of my favourite pieces though can be found in episode I: the Phantom Menace where said menance battles is out with Qui Gon Jinn and a young Obi Wan Kenobi. It is one of several epic light saber battles found throughout the series but probably has the best music to accompany it.


4. C3PO, the God

C3PO (or 3PO as he is affectionately known), along with6 R2D2 are the only characters to make an appearance in all of the first 6 films and as such deserve a mention. I picked this moment in Episode VI: the Return of the Jedi as it also combines my love of the very cute and cuddly Ewoks. Now they believe that 3PO is one of their Gods and so treat him as such. It is probably the first time that 3PO has ever had so much attention and influence and is pivotal (along with Leia) in persuading the Ewoks to help the Alliance defeat the Empire. I also think it conveys a very powerful message to how much religion can play a role in war. A message that we probably shouldn’t take lightly given the current climate. Anyway back to Star Wars world and C3PO and the Ewoks.


3. Luke, I am your Father

So powerful and unpredictable a plot twist this was that it has now become an over-used cliche. Being a 90’s baby I have no idea what that sort of surprise plot twist would have been like to experience first time around. I can only imagine it was something akin to the shock of reading that Dumbledore had died in the 6th Harry Potter. Either way it was as much as a shock for me when I first watched it. And what a way to bring a film to an end and have your fans wanting more. No doubt that was all people were talking about for weeks.


2. Evil Anakin Glance

Ok, so admittedly this one is literally like a second in the whole film but when you tie it in with everything that has just happened and John Williams’ epic music that is heightening the whole atmosphere, there isn’t a single time where I don’t get goosebumps. In case I’m being a little bit cryptic for you I’m referring to episode III (controversially my favourite) when Anakin, now newly anointed Darth Vader goes to the Mustafa System and basically single-handedly slaughters everyone and everything he can find. This is just after murdering everyone in the Jedi Temple -even the younglings! My love for this moment is known so well amongst a few of my fellow Star Wars mates that they often re-create this moment using various different items for hoods including dressing gown hoods and towels.



1. Anakin Vs Obi Wan

Shortly after the above scene and an encounter with Obi Wan which results in the near death of Padme (Anakin’s secret wife and soon-to-be mother of his child) and ultimately leads to my favourite light saber battle. There is something about 2 best friends fighting it out with every intention of killing each other because they now see the world from different sides of the same coin. Add in some very flashy ultra fast light saber moves, a river of lava and some more epic John Williams music and my god you have an edge of the seat, spine-tingling few minutes. The duel ends with Obi Wan having gained the high ground but a delusioned Anakin still believes he can win – well timed light saber swipe from Obi Wan detaching Anakin’s legs and a very angry yet heartfelt outpouring from Obi Wan about how he was the Chosen One and he loved him like a brother. Anakin replies simply, ‘I hate you’ as he is burned alive on the bank of the lava river. Hmmm maybe I haven’t done an amazing job at describing this particular moment, so here is a video of it. Enjoy.

So those were my favourite moments so far and I’m sure you will have your own which I would love to hear about! I just hope that the Force Awakens contains a few more!

May the Force be with you!

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