Geeky Thursdays: The Secret Life of Peanuts

Geeky Thursdays: The Secret Life of Peanuts

Welcome to Geeky Thursdays!

So, one of the last tasks on blogging 101 was to come up with a regular feature post whether that be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted to do and have played around with several different ideas until I settled on Geeky Thursdays. This just seemed the perfect way to share my love for all things slightly geeky. From all things science-y, amazing gadgets and gizmos to random little known facts and tidbits to impress your friends and family. Join me every thursday (well hopefully) and set your inner geek free!

To get you all started here is this week’s bit of geek,

Did you know…?

Peanuts are an ingredient in Dynamite

Yep that’s right. Dynamite contains an extremely explosive, unstable compound called nitroglycerine. This is extracted from glycerol which made of peanut oil. And so therefore peanuts are needed to make dynamite.

So next time you see Kyote try to blow up Roadrunner using a bit of dynamite just think of all those people with peanut allergies he has saved!

I hope that wetted you geeky appetite,

Until next week…


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