Getting Back to Reality

Getting Back to Reality

First off, Happy New Year to you all!

So it’s been a while since I last posted and that’s primarily because even though I had just started getting some kind of blogging rhythm going, I made a conscious decision to ‘unplug’ over the christmas period. Well I still allowed myself access to facebook and twitter but that was mainly to check how the flooding was affecting everyone, so I’m going to say that doesn’t count. I feel that it’s important to step back from your screen every now and then and just live in the now with those who are actually in the same room with you and have your own mini-adventures! (plus it can often give you new stories to share so win-win really!).

I spent the majority of the christmas period in Richmond, North Yorkshire with my Boyfriend and his family with small stints at home home in Manchester either side. I had an amazing time both at home and in Richmond socialising, having lie-ins and generally taking a well deserved break from PhD life. My brain currently feels a lot less frazzled so yay!

Some of my favourite little adventures of the holidays included a pre-christmas get together of my family and watching my cousin’s youngest just run around the house getting up to mischief and generally providing everyone with some free entertainment. It was also great to catch up with those i hadn’t seen in months due to living in Nottingham.

A ‘couples evening’ which involved james and I and his friends and respective girlfriends going out for dinner – all very grown-up of us followed by drinks and a hilarious game of cards against humanity. Unfortunately the following day I had to endure a 6 hour game of risk being played by a marine, an RAF PTI, a guy in the army and someone who just really likes the game. MOST BORING GAME EVER!. But i guess you can’t have everything your own way.

As always New Years Eve provided us with many laughs (and that was just from James’ outfit). We attended one of James’ friend’s house party which is traditionally fancy dress. The theme this year was cartoons. After much trolling through google images and online fancy dress shops we finally settled on Frozen. I would Elsa and James’ would (yes you guessed it) Anna. And words can’t do this justice so here is a picture or 2.


However, today is Monday 4th Jan and that can only mean one thing, back to reality, or at least Phd reality at any rate. The holidays already seem like an age ago but I guess in the spirit of the new year it is time to look forward once again and hope that this year brings just as many good memories and successes as the last one.

Until next time…

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