How to Prep like a Boss for an Interview in 48 hours

How to Prep like a Boss for an Interview in 48 hours

You applied to that job weeks ago and you kept the date that they specified for interview free just in case but with only a few days to go it’s safe to say that you haven’t got an interview right?


While most employers will give you about a week’s notice you could find yourself in a situation, like I am right now, with only a couple of days notice and all the prep to do.

Instead of getting yourself all stressed out after the initial excitement of the invitation has worn off prep like a boss and answer these 5 questions.

Prep like a Boss!

How am I getting there?

Before I even reply to the invitation I am all over the where is it, how am I getting there and do I need to stay over scenarios.


Well if like me you find yourself having to fork out £150 on a day return train ticket to your interview you can add into your acceptance of the interview a cheeky little question regards to the possibility of claiming back your travel expenses. That is if they haven’t already offered.

The worst they can say is no and if they are seriously considering hiring you then they would be silly to potentially jeopardise your ability to attend the interview.


What am I going to Wear?

With just 48 hours to prep this should definitely be next on your list. Jump straight into your wardrobe (Ok maybe not literally) and decide what you are going to wear and if it needs washing and/or ironing – no-one likes a creased shirt! Don’t forget to check out your shoes and if they need a polish as well other possible necessities such as bags, umbrellas, coats etc.

Don’t have the perfect interview outfit? Well put your shoes on, grab a coat, purse/wallet and keys and walk out that door you’re going shopping (or at least round to your besties to borrow something).

Lets avoid the panic of no matching shoes, or tie and no time to get a new one go now!

Do I need my Passport?

Well unless your interview is in another country then hopefully not. However, some jobs require extra security checks and what not which usually means you will need to bring with you some form of I.D. You should check your interview invitation email (most employers send them by email now) as you are usually given this information then.

If you need to bring I.D. then go search for it now! You don’t want to be frantically searching through the attic for your birth certificate at 1am the night before the interview do you?

Who are They?

So now you know how you are getting there, what you are wearing and have found your relevant I.D. you can now start doing the ‘normal’ interview prep. I’ve split this into two to make it easier.

Like any good candidate you did a bit of research on the company before tailoring and submitting your application. Look them up online and I’m not just talking about their company website, go full on stalker mode. Check out their presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube if appropriate. You want to find out what they stand for, their vision and values and any recent news or developments in the company that you can possibly weave into your awesome interview answers.

Letting them know that you have checked them out ensures they know you are serious about the position and can make you stand out against your rival interviewees.

what I think I look like during an interview



What Will They Ask?

OK so I’m not Mystic Meg and I can’t tell you the exact questions that you’re going to get asked. However, it’s not all bad news. Luckily for you there are lots of very commonly asked interview questions and even more articles, blog posts and books about what they are and how to answer them. For that reason I am not going to cover that here, a simple google search will give you ample information.

What I do advise is taking some time to think about possible answers to them and ALWAYS, where possible, include an example from your life to back it up. An example makes your claim more believable, anyone can say they’re a team player but if you tell them of a specific time you used your team working skills that were awesomely successful then they will be falling over their feet to hire you.

Last minute pointers

Now you are all prepped there are just a few last-minute things to check;

  • Your travel plans including pre-booking any taxis
  • Ironing your outfit if needs be
  • Prep your bag – you don’t want to be rushing round to find things in the morning

Finally relax and get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep isn’t a great selling point and won’t help you feel that amazing, awesome, confident you.


Good Luck to you all and keep following this series to find out how my job hunting adventure progresses


Until next time Keep Adventuring!

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