Hunting Leprechauns

Hunting Leprechauns

So a couple of weeks ago my studies took me to Dublin for a long weekend of conferencing allowing to cross off a place on my Bucket list. Now firstly I don’t get all the hype around the whole conference thing. Yes, you can get to travel to places you don’t normally get to go to – but its for work so you never really get to see all the things you would if you were there just for leisure. I also get kinda bored during them. Yes I know I should be super thrilled to meet and talk to and listen to all the amazing researches and hear all about the many weird and wonderful science things that are going on and to be able to share my work with them all too. But to be quite frank, I’m not really.

So Ok I got to stay in this swanky 4* hotel which was kinda nice and the conference centre itself was a super nice building with very helpful, efficient staff plus there was free wifi (not to mention it was a pokemon gym!) so it wasn’t all bad.

Dublin 2016-14
The Conference Centre where I spent most of my time

And luckily there was so many different things going on that I could easily sneak off and explore the city a little bit. Which by the way is a pretty interesting city if you have never been. I can’t say it was what I expected it to look like but there were some very vibrant areas – notably the Temple Bar area – and lots of work going on. A city on the rise.

And even better, in a land that is known for its bad weather we had very little rain the whole four days I was there meaning I could take my camera out and about and capture a few snippets of the city.

The day before the Conference my fellow PhD student, Sam, and I headed to the Leprechaun Museum to hear about leprechauns and faeries an Irish folklore…

We were now equipped to go leprechaun hunting!

Unfortunately I didn’t managed to find any but I still got to explore the city!


Curiously, there was also an Argentine Frigate moored up on the banks of the Liffey which was open for exploration of it’s deck. Well it would be rude not to!


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  1. Oh this sound amazing! My work-wife and I are planning a trip next summer to England/Ireland (hopefully) and I am most excited about Ireland!

    On another note, I think this sentence is the most UK sentence I have ever read “there was also an Argentine Frigate moored up on the banks of the Liffey”! It literally made me giggle out loud

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Keep Up-to-Date with my latest Adventures!
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