I Can Do Science Me!

I Can Do Science Me!

A couple of Saturdays ago I did something that I am not known at all. Work. Yes I am one of what seems to be a small minority of PhD students that try at all costs not to work on a weekend – I need that time to re-charge! Ok so I’m not telling entirely the whole truth. Yes I was in the lab but it wasn’t to do any real work. I was there to talk about my science and science in general to a bunch of people who were coming to look round the labs.

Right so a little bit of background for you. So the University of Nottingham (where I’m studying) has this charity event called LifeCycle. and each year it picks a different charity to support for all the many different events that go on as well as the main charity cycle ride. This year they had chosen to support Breast Cancer in Nottingham. It just so happens that there are several people in my department that work in this area which is great as they will be benefitting directly from the money raised. As part of this the University had a small fundraising day which included talks from various different people and the opportunity to have a look round real life breast cancer research labs – this is where I come in.

So inevitably I was persuaded to come down help show this people round and talk to them about my work -trying to put a breast cancer spin on it in the process. There was a real mix of people from other scientist in the University, staff, patients and their families and members of the general public with an interest. Turns out it was quite fun and I’m not that bad at explaining my work to those who don’t have a scientific background – so yay me!

To make things more interesting – especially if there were going to be any children on the tour- we set up a ‘dress up as a scientist and have a go at being one station’. Ok so i think we had more fun playing in this area in between tours – i mean who doesn’t love a bit of dry ice!

I even managed to take some pretty cool photos with my camera which I am going to share with you below because science can be fun you know!

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