Making Space

Making Space

Today’s everyday inspiration is to talk about;

Finding space to write.

Well in the physical sense of the phrase I can write pretty much anywhere, from a coffee shop, curled up on the sofa, to on the train with a bit of spare time, an idea and something to write on I can smash out a blog post, an email or something more fairly easily.

curled up on the sofa

However what I find more important is finding the space in my head to write. Pushing the irrelevant thoughts to the sidelines, drowning out the background noise and focusing on what I am doing right here and now. I guess you could say it is a little mindfulness (if you’re into that kind of thing).


There was also an additional little task…

That was to ask you guys, my lovely readers to suggest post ideas by going to my contact page and sending me a quick message. It can be for a personal post about me or a more general one or even completely random all suggestions are welcome!

Until next time keep adventuring!

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