Oh Deer!

Oh Deer!

As the weather was alright this afternoon we decided to go for a wander round Wollaton Park , by we I mean “r” paul, mum, dad and I. The Park itself has become a bit of a favourite haunt most likely because it reminds me so much of Heaton Park back home in Manchester but one difference – ¬†Wollaton Park is a deer Park.

Today the deer were out just chilling out under and around some trees right by one of the ‘paths’ I use the word path loosely as it is literally just patch in the field where the grass is mown and the rest is left to grow for the wildlife to graze and generally thrive in.

Anyway, so the deer in Wollaton Park are, as deer go, pretty chilled out. They are quite content to just carry on with their business and let you walk by, take photos etc within about 5m of them (sometimes even closer). And this enabled me to get some interesting photos of them, so I thought I would share a few of them with you guys.


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