Middle Wood Final Flag Down Dec 2016-3

I took this photo back in December. I was attending a flag down ceremony as it was the last day that my local scout campsite, Middlewood, was to be open. This ‘Lake’ is found just outside the official campsite boundary but it was used often on camps for water activities such as kayaking and raft-building etc. and on the opposite side of the lake you can found the ‘moon caves’ recently more well known for being a smoking and drug use haven but they are an unusual set of structures. The day itself brought back many memories, I basically grew up roaming the campsite as my parents were leaders and their scout group (which later became mine too) spent several weekends and evenings here.

It was a sad day, reflected in the cold, grey weather feeling at times almost funeral like. The silver lining of those grey clouds being that while this site is now closed the camp has only moved down the road to a new site of which creation is already underway. So hopefully many more people to come will be able to create memories like I have of this place.


Until next time keep adventuring!

via Photo Challenge: Reflecting

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