Shopping for Treasure

Shopping for Treasure

Today’s little writing assignment was to write a list with the idea that the things on the list could give you inspiration for other posts at a later date. I quite like dropping this kind of post in every now and again especially when it involves recommending places or things to do or watch etc.  At the beginning of the year I wrote a list of goals I had for the year (you know because it will be half way through the year) but for today I thought I would take a different take.

Grocery Shopping. Yes bet you didn’t see that coming did you? We all do it whether its a weekly/monthly big shop or a midweek scramble for those things that you inevitably run out of and like many of you I’m all about making a list of what I need. Primarily because it keeps costs down. Let’s be frank though, food shopping is not the most enjoyable form of shopping out there is it?

What if we didn’t think of our shopping lists as a list of things we need to get but a list of things we need to find or hunt for, a kind of treasure hunt if you will? Just think about it. With Supermarkets frequently rearranging their stores meaning you can’t find what you are looking for easily you’re already way there. Plus, if you have to drag your offspring round with you this would make the whole experience so much more fun! I guess if you wanted to you could even draw a map?

Treasure hunt list

And BOOM! Your mundane, tedious, errand just became an everyday little adventure!


Until next time keep adventuring!


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