Stuck in ‘Jail’

Stuck in ‘Jail’

Doing a PhD (and academia as a whole) you find yourself in it’s own little world and I often find myself peering out into the ‘real’ world which is where the difficulties begin. While I chose to invest further in education by continuing on and doing a PhD sometimes I feel a little bit stuck in Limbo. You know, that feeling where you can neither go back or forwards but are just stuck where you are and there isn’t anything you can do about it. I guess it is kind of like when you are ‘sent to jail’ during a game of monopoly and just have to wait there patiently for a few turns while everyone else carries on snapping up all the best properties.

That is pretty much what is going on in my life. I am in academic, further education monopoly jail while I complete my PhD. All the while everyone I know and grew up with are free to continue their turns and get on with their lives, get ‘proper’ jobs, start their careers and some even going so far as buying houses getting married and having children! And I’m like, yep I’m still a student – but not even the good kind with loads of time off. Nope, doing a PhD is being a student but having a job and getting ‘paid’ less than minimum wage (when you factor in all the extra hours you have to do).

This comparison factor is made all the worse when you multiply by the social media factor (yes maths). I know that what people put on their facebook, twitter and instagrams etc is only their ‘best’ portrayed self as I am also guilty of this. But it doesn’t help when you see your friends back home out on nights out without you, being able to afford swanky holidays and those designer clothes. Oh and a decent car! While I’m still shopping in Primark and in the sales. Yes I guess money is a big player in this feeling, I’m 25 still a student and having to live a student lifestyle (albeit a postgraduate student budget is in play).

On the flip side my time in ‘jail’ will only be temporary and in the not too distant future I will be able to ‘catch up’. ┬áIf I’m totally honest with myself there are certain things that I am just not ready to do yet and there are more ‘studenty’ things such as traveling that I still wish to do. Guess what I am trying to say is that while my time in ‘jail’ can be frustrating it has also given time to step back and think about what I actually want my next few turns on the monopoly board to be.

Here’s to rolling that 6 and getting out of jail.

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