Submission Day!

Submission Day!

So a couple of hours ago I handed over my thesis to the University. I’m now sat in Wetherspoons after having some food just trying digesting the whole situation.

I have found that many people who have already been through this process are keen to express the underwhelming feeling they had when they submitted and to an extent I agree. You simply just hand over you thesis (2x physical copies and an electronic copy in my case) and you get a submission receipt in return. Thar’s it. No fanfare or confetti canons in sight. After all the years of graft, sweat and (no doubt) tears it is just like handing in one of your undergrad assignments. In that respect it is kind of underwhelming.

my thesis in all it’s glory

There is also this huge wave of relief that you have finally got there. Yes you still have the viva but the bulk of the work is done, you have book to show for it and for now you can relax! For me the relief actually came after printing my thesis. I guess it was because I finally had a physical copy of it and could really appreciate what I have achieved in the last 3.5 years – there’s a reason why ebooks haven’t wiped out their ‘analogue’ counterparts just yet you know!

Surprisingly, a little while after leaving student services I felt quite emotional about the whole thing. Granted I was sat in the Medical School foyer where there is a piano for general use (kind of like the ones in St. Pancras train station in London but in better nick) and a guy came along and started playing a very pretty piece of music. It was the kind of music that would have been perfect if my thesis submission had been a scene in a film and all of a sudden I was quite emotional. OK, I’m not that sappy so I’m attributing some of it to the music (because I can and you guys weren’t there to disagree!). I guess it is understandable, this thing has taken over my life for a long and I have some strong emotional memories (not all good) attached to it and I have worked my arse off so you could probably call me stone-hearted if I had’t have felt anything!

You may be wondering if I’m going to be celebrating over the weekend? Well Kind of, I’m attending a family wedding tomorrow so I guess it will be a double celebration!

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  1. Endings and beginnings: they always come together. It seems we’re in similar places, you and I (along with everyone else, certainly), though the details are very different. In less than two months I’ll be ending one long career and launching a new venture that will be full of both promise and uncertainty. It’s a lot like life. I’m looking forward to following your adventure wherever it leads you.

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