Sweaty Writing

Sweaty Writing

It never really hit me until a couple of years ago just how much I have relied on exercise throughout my life. It wasn’t until I brought it back into my life as a way of getting out of my flat when I was depressed and I felt the almost immediate effects it had on me that I truly appreciated it.

I have always had this reputation for being laid back, not getting stressed or over worrying. People are wrong though. Just like everyone else these things happen however unlike most people I was in the pool and gym 8-10 times per week smashing out sets left right and centre. As anyone who has ever entered the gym stressed before will no doubt tell you, you more often than not leave more chilled.
I forgot this, or at least didn’t realise to what extent I need it. That was why when I moved back home last summer, joining a new gym was almost as important as writing my thesis. In fact I would go so far as to say it helped me write it in the time I did. Not only was it an excuse to leave the house it was a different place to spend some time not thinking about anything in particular or even at all. Some days it even helped me sleep better.

post-gym selfie

While there are many different things that fill my none writing time from seeing friends and family, loosing myself in a tv series or film for a couple of hours to sleep, my trips to the gym have become an essential part of life. A way to press reset on my thoughts and to ¬†work out the tensions, realise that that thing isn’t so important or actually I don’t want to sign up to a graduate program.

I have even had blog post ideas come wandering into my head after a session!

As great as it is to be on the go doing all the time, you have to take a break whether that is a do nothing break or an ‘active recovery’ type break like my gym sessions otherwise everything else will suffers. sometimes you just have to not write so that you can.

Until next time keep adventuring!

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