That’s no Moon!

That’s no Moon!

I may have got a tad over excited today when I got back from lunch. You see before christmas the lab did secret santa with the gift giving date being the Friday before christmas (which just also happened to be star wars watching day!). Anyway upon the sharing out of everyone’s gifts it became apparent that 2 people, who had participated in this had not received their gifts. It turned out that santa uses the [ost system sometimes and in these 2 cases the post had not yet delivered said gifts. I was one of the ‘left out’. I wasn’t overly bothered as I was slightly distracted by excitement of Star Wars and anyway I was promised that my secret santa present would now be a new years gift so not all bad.

Anyways I returned after lunch today to find my gift wrapped in bubble wrap (will be spending the rest of the week annoying people popping that btw) and within it was this…

Santa definitely knew how to cheer up my day! Cue the next half our browsing through all the cards – there are actually 2 sets, one set from the episodes IV-VI and one set from episodes I-III and I just love how it comes in a little death star!.

Needless to say me and r Paul have just had a game – unfortunately I lost. Dam you Anakin Skywalker losing to Obi-Wan AGAIN! learn your lesson! hahaha.

Until next time…

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