The End of the Nottingham Chapter

The End of the Nottingham Chapter

So I’ve been pretty quiet for a few weeks and there has been good reason for it. I have been super busy trying to make sure I had all my lab work tied up before I finished up and moved back home to Manchester. Somehow I just about managed it. While there was always going to be experiments that would be nice to have but didn’t quite have the time to do, all the ones that I needed to create a great story I managed to create.

And that is basically what I’ve got left to do, write a story. Well technically it is called a thesis and involves collating and writing about all my data but essentially it will form a science story of my time in Nottingham. And hopefully it will be finished by Christmas!

But first I’m taking a little time off to recharge my batteries and relax and that means holiday time! So unfortunately for you lovely guys I’m going to go quiet again for another couple of weeks while I head off next week on a little adventure to my favourite place in the world, Cuba! I may schedule some posts for you depending on how engrossed in the Olympics I find myself this week.

For now though I’m going to enjoy reacquainting myself with Manchester and of course watching as much of the Olympics as I possibly can!


until next time…

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