The Platform Dwellers

The Platform Dwellers

It’s that mid-morning kind of quiet, the kind that could make you mistake today for a lazy Sunday morning. Except it’s Wednesday.

There are a few other people milling around on the platform with me, patiently waiting for the next tram to whisk them away towards the city centre. Glancing every now and then as the information board slowly counts down the time until our ride will be here. No-one is really talking, leaving the nearby sounds of traffic on the roads and the occasional bleeps of the ticket machine punctuate the silence.

I have a love-hate relationship with stations. They allow you to travel to a place you want to be but they also take you away from there as well. My thoughts wander to my fellow platform dwellers and to where our shared transport may be taking them.

My fellow platform dwellers

It seems too late for a workers commute, after all the off peak tickets have just become usable. There is a lady and her young child in a pram that have just entered the platform. Perhaps they are going to visit family, friends or perhaps the mother just fancies a bit of shopping? An older guy sat reading today’s newspaper – I am stood too far away to see which paper- he seems engrossed in a particular story while another guy checks his bag. Perhaps he has forgotten his lunch or something more important like his house keys or wallet? Oh wait, no it is OK he found it, his phone.

It seems strange that these people all have different plans and journeys to make but here, at this point, our paths all cross and so we travel together before diverging on our merry-little way quite possibly never seeing each other again. Quite possibly never really stopping to take one another in too busy in our own lives.

Yet today, I did stop. I did look and see you standing on the platform with me in unison glancing every now and then up at the information board. Has it only been a couple of minutes? Maybe you looked at me briefly and wandered at the weirdo taking photos of the platform and its inhabitants was doing? Hopefully not – I tried to be sneaky.


The sound of electricity flowing through the overhead cables and the oncoming tram wakes us all from our inner thoughts. As the tram comes to halt further down the platform than we all were stood we rush to the nearest door, eager not to be left behind and to take the next steps on today’s adventure towards the city centre.

Where to next

Until next time keep adventuring!

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