This is Your 2 Week Warning!

This is Your 2 Week Warning!




Yep That’s right there are only 2 more weeks till christmas!



*panicked footsteps and a doors slams in the background as you suddenly realise all the presents and food you haven’t bought yet*


5 thoughts on “This is Your 2 Week Warning!

      1. On Wednesday I had zero gifts lol by Friday I have my mom and dad done (just have to get some candy for my dad) and I am waiting for something to be shipped for my brother. But it’s been sold out for the last month so I’m not sure if it will come on time? I’ve been able to pre-order one bit but not the main item haha. Silly gaming people making it sell out in less than an hour!

        And I’m not sure yet what I will be baking. But probably shortbreads, possibly thumb print cookies, maybe some gingerbreads haha.

          1. I think he will probably just have to deal with one little bit. Or a picture wrapped in a box haha! His birthday is in January so maybe it will be back in stock by then? *fingers crossed* anyways. I hope the cookies turn out all tasty. hehe I love baking!

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