Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee right now…

well we all know that wouldn’t happen as I don’t drink coffee so lets be less specific…

If we were having a hot beverage together right now…

I would be telling you how crazy I’m going being stuck at home now that I don’t have my thesis to focus on but very little money to spend on doing things. I would tell you how I have finally got my head into gear and started the whole job hunting thing and I have forgot just how difficult writing a cover letter is!

No doubt you would ask what I’m looking to do and so I’d reply with my standard I don’t know, laugh and then divulge that I really fancy medical writing. Obviously I would need to explain what that is but here is a quick link for you guys if you’re interested.

Hot Chocolate – my personal favourite

If we were having a hot beverage together right now…

I would tell you about my wanderlust. I would share with you my dreams to travel to Vietnam and other countries in Asia but mostly to go and see New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. That I don’t just want to visit but to travel them and do it right. That possibly I might not come back. However, the money thing is preventing me booking a flight for next week. I’m sure you seem shocked when I tell you that I am OK with travelling solo, sure it scares me a little but I see it more of a challenge for my introverted little self. Maybe you will come join me for a part of my trip? Perhaps, I hope so. That would be fun!


If we were having a hot beverage together right now…

We would both agree that once again we left it too long and that we won’t leave it that long until next time. We both kind of know that we probably will.


If we were having coffee right now....png


Life has a funny way of getting in the way doesn’t it?




Until next time keep adventuring!

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