You Know Nothing

You Know Nothing

This is so true to an extent. 

The more I have learnt, the more I realise that there is so much that I just don’t know or understand. It can make you feel pretty small and insignificant if you let it. However you just have to remember about the vast amount of stuff that you do know that someone else probably doesn’t as we all have our different interests.

Just think there was this one point in your life when you didn’t know anything including how to speak, you know when you were a baby, and now look at you. A fully functioning member of society with knowledge and opinions etc so go you! Even the cleverest person in the world doesn’t know absolutely everything – only google does haha.

Sometimes it is important to stop, look behind you and realise just how far you have come on your journey. It could be further than you think.


Until next time keep adventuring


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