Your Dirty Little Secret

Your Dirty Little Secret

When I saw today’s daily prompt I instantly had an idea and so as I haven’t posted anything for a few days I thought I would respond to it.

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

My thoughts immediately turned to one of my friends from back in my swimming days, who I was actually fairly close to at the time but only see occasionally now. I was slightly older than they were and so they would often come to me to for advice or just to rant and/or gossip. Needless to say being the ‘adopted older sister’ and the ‘sensible’ one I managed to keep them out of too much trouble (I am honestly not that boring- well I hope not anyway). That was until they ventured off to university and got themselves caught up in a relationship with a partner, that in my eyes was quite frankly pretty high maintenance and slightly possessive –ok so I never actually met her but from the number of conversations I had about her I felt like I knew her very well.

OK, so one afternoon I got this text telling me that they needed to tell me something and I can’t tell anyone.Turns out their partner was pregnant and wanted an abortion. Slight shock there but wait not only was I being told this news in confidence but I was the ONLY other person who knew. This was the bit that I didn’t like. Ok so I had no control over who the  partner told but I knew that I needed to get them to tell their parents. I mean they deserve to know what’s going on at the very least. But no, that was a no go. No matter how hard I tried I could not get them to change their mind and despite nearly doing so several times it was not my place to reveal this secret to them.

I do confess that I wasn’t able to keep this secret completely to myself and did confide in a couple of people that I knew would not say anything. What I heard next though and how they got  away with it still surprises me now. So the partner had the abortion but ended up dropping out of university and concocted some story about not being able to cope and being too stressed out on the course. OK so this may be slightly true as I guess it is hard to cope through finding out you’re pregnant and then going through the abortion process and not telling anyone. But they got away with it –I guess it isn’t like they robbed a bank or something but still.

So this happened a few years ago and I have in the last 18 months re-visited this time and told a few more people about it who were surprised but not shocked as they are a bit of a stereotypical uni student – think E4s Fresh Meat. But yeah when I brought it up with them, they had forgotten about it! I know they broke up with the partner but seriously, how would you forgot something like that? Or am I just being ridiculous?

Needless to say the Parents are still clueless.



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